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Ladies around the word are fond of makeup. They use makeup to enhance their beauty. And to look beautiful and stylish on events even in casual routine. Although, there are many beauty products available in market. All of them are different from others. Their usage and features are different from each other. However, some of the products are used to make eyes beautiful. And some are used to beautify the face. Celebrities around the world are also promoting these beauty products. Because, people follow them and use these products. They are promoting these products as they use them to look beautiful. Different marketing campaigns are also run by makeup companies. They hire these celebrities to promote their makeup brand.

Foundation is also one of the top makeup product. It is used to apply on face before applying other makeup products. However, the best way to achieve smoothness and complexion is to apply foundation. Foundation is apply on cheeks and lips. Most makeup companies offer foam with foundations. As foam is the best thing through which foundation should be applied. You can also use your fingers in order to apply foundation. Both of the way are right. But the foam is what everyone prefer.

Custom Boxes

There are different types of foundations available in market. Finding a right foundation might be difficult. Because there are numerous brands available. I am going to mention some of the best foundations available in market. This will be make it easy for you to choose right product.

Liquid Foundation:

One of the best foundation available in market is Liquid Foundation. This foundation comes in liquid form. It is the most common type of foundation preferred by large number of users. There are many different version of liquid foundations. All of these versions are specially manufactured. You can use them from medium to full depending on how much to apply. These foundations are formulated for normal to dry skin. You can apply one layer of foundation on skin and let it dry. Liquid Foundation include oil-based, oil free, waterproof and some with 24 hour service.

  • Oil-based Foundation: This foundation is best for women with dry skin. Because it gives smoothness to their skin. Before applying makeup on their face. Women with older age can also use this foundation. It is also best for their skin. Because it minimize or fade the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines from skin. You should shake the bottle before using it. Because by doing this oil will separate in the bottle.
  • Sheer Foundation: Sheer foundation is a best choice for you. If you are looking for foundation that applied smoothly on your skin. It will also give feeling like no foundation is applied. Coverage of sheer foundation on skin will be light. Which means that it will never give you that feel like the lot of foundation is on your face.

Oil-Free Foundation:

Oil-free foundation is created for women with oily skin. These foundations are specially manufactured with water but not oil. As it give a matte touch to the skin. These Foundations are preferred by those with oily skins. This foundation dry so quickly. So you must not be blend it in foam and your fingers as soon as you apply. It will give dry touch to the oily skin and your face will be ready to go with makeup. This Foundation include:

Whipped Foundation:

This Foundation is liquid makeup with air whipped in it. This feature will make it light and smooth. Whipped Foundation tends to give skin a matte finish and weightless feel. This foundation is good for all skins. But many beauticians recommend it to those with dry or mature skin.

Custom Printed Foundation Boxes

Stick Foundation:

This foundation is best to cover scars and reddened areas. Stick Foundation coverage is heavier than other products. They are best known for normal to oily skins. Make sure to apply moisturizer on your skin. Before you are going to apply foundation. Stick foundation is simply too heavy for wrinkles and fine lines. Hence, Stick Foundation is not for those with older age.

Packaging Industry is also attached with makeup brands. Packaging industry nowadays are growing in a large number. Giving their customers quality packaging service. As Industries are very conscious about their packaging. So, they always run towards those who give premium quality services. This is how their boxes stand out of the crowd in market. However, there are large number of high quality machinery used in order to manufacture and print those boxes. Special inks are used in printing process. PMS and CMYK both are famous. Box Giants make sure to give their clients premium services. Therefore, Box Giants is one of the best packaging company in Canada.


Packaging of Foundation products play a key role in promotion and marketing of your cosmetic brand. Be it an innovation or a regular routine item, Customized Boxes and Customized Packaging with your brand logo are very effective in getting more sales and reaching out to more audience and customer circle. Retail packaging has been a very important factor of enhancing your brand recognition and standing out of numerous names. Product packaging helps you fight and make your name in the furious competition of business.


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