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Cosmetic Products are the most common product used by everyone. They are sold in large number. You will see them in stores in almost every part of the world. However, the cosmetic industry is increasing day by day. Although, there are numerous brands launched in the market. Almost every year we can see the new brand launching their products. Lipstick is one of the most common and most usable products of cosmetics. Women all around the world are very fond of lipsticks. They use lipsticks in every event. It said to be the most essential part of the makeup. Moreover, some people even said that makeup is not complete without lipstick. Lipsticks are not only used in events or special occasions. Many women apply them while going to work. Lipsticks are packed in special Custom Boxes. Therefore, we can say that Custom Lipstick Packaging is also in high demand.

Premium Lipstick Box

There is a brief history of lipsticks. In ancient times cosmetic products have a very special place. Especially if we look at the civilizations of Egyptians. Both men and women are very fond of these products. They even use makeup for competition to look better than each other. However, Egyptians are also known as the first lover of the lipsticks. They used to apply it a lot. There were different shades and colors of lipsticks available at that time. Women love this color and shades. These colors and shades are derived from some interesting sources. However, researchers have said that Egyptians also uses some harmful substances. These substances are the cause of many deaths. Because no proper manufacturer planning was made at that time. But most of their products are not harmful to human skin and body.

How Lipsticks are made?

Lipsticks are a mixture of many ingredients. These ingredients are chosen with special care and research. The most common ingredients found in the lipsticks are wax, oil, and pigment. All these ingredients are first going through the process of examination. Companies make sure to not use harmful substances. Because these harmful substances are bad for health. They may cause serious infections to human skin and body. Wax used in the manufacturing of lipsticks is normally soft. Therefore, it is easily transformed into any shape and size. After this oil is added to the mixture. This oil is specially made of the vegetable and minerals.

Custom Cosmetic Boxes

The fragrance is also added into the mixture. Lipsticks smell nice because of this fragrance. Although, lipsticks are found in many color variations. These colors and shades are all different from each other. When the mixture is mix and ready. They transformed it into a specific shape. The final step is to pack this lipstick in special containers. These containers are then packed in special Printed Boxes.

Different types of Lipsticks:

As I have mentioned earlier there are several types of lipsticks available in the market. We are going to discuss two of them.


This is the most common type of lipsticks. You can easily buy them in the retail stores near you. Although, traditional lipsticks are made of common ingredients. These ingredients are also used in ancient times. That is why this lipstick also knows as traditional lipstick. The mixture is assembled in the shape of the tube. This mixture is then placed into a special container. This container is specially made and easy to use. You need to twist the container from the bottom. Lipstick will come out from the upper part of the container. Same is the procedure to take it back into the container.

Custom Boxes

These lipsticks are found in a wide range of variety. There are different colors and shapes available. Also, some lipsticks have a different surface. However, some lipsticks have gloss finishing. While others have matte finishing. Lipsticks are also packed in beautiful Custom Cosmetic Boxes and it can be treated as a gift for special occasion .


Many new cosmetic trends have been introduced in the market. Lipsticks are also transformed from traditional ones. One of the new trends is liquid lipsticks. These lipsticks are latest and unique from the others. Ingredients and substances used in this lipsticks are different from the other one. Liquid lipsticks are also known as the long-lasting. They are also easy to remove. However, you can easily wear them and it will last for the whole day. They are liquid in shape but they dry off easily after you apply them.

The packaging of these lipsticks is somehow similar to the lip gloss. They are packed in a tube similar to lip glosses. They are then packed in further cardboard boxes. These boxes are unique and beautiful. Hence, Custom Liquid Lipsticks Packaging is unique in its own kind.

Custom Printed Lipstick Boxes

This industry is growing day by days. Their demand is increasing. Many celebrities have also launched their own Cosmetic Brands. There is another industry attach with Cosmetic Products. The packaging industry is fulfilling the need for every product. Packaging is consider to be the most important industry for cosmetic Products when it comes to protect and secure the skin . Products will always remain safe in these boxes. Lipsticks Boxes are also used to attract customers. There are a lot of Lipsticks Packaging ideas introduced in the market. Premium Packaging is the priority of every cosmetic brand.


The packaging of lip balm products plays a key role in the promotion and marketing of your brand. Be it an innovation or a regular routine item, Customized Boxes and Custom Packaging with your Lipstick brand logo are very effective in getting more sales and reaching out to more audience and customer circle. Retail Packaging has been a very important factor in enhancing your brand recognition and standing out of numerous names. Product packaging helps you fight and make your name in the furious competition of business.


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