Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes

Eyeliners are one of the well known eye cosmetics. For cosmetic companies, selecting attractive make-up packaging is crucial to enhance the beauty of the product. It doesn’t matter whether its liquid eyeliner, cake or pen, without an elegant eyeliner packaging, your product is not likely to create an impact on your potential customers. Eyeliner boxes are one of the most basic element or product for eye cosmetic packaging. Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes not only keeps the product safe however,it also serve as an identity for a selected brand or product. A wonderful eyeliner box can display eyeliner in a more sensible manner. Designing and planning of an eyeliner box need proficient expertise. Box Giants is a printing and packaging company that has been delivering superior quality and precise results for several years.


Role of Custom Packaging:

Custom Packaging plays and important role in the presentation and promotion of any product. Whenever you launch a new brand or a product or a whole line, you already know that there are several other companies working parallel. And, if you need to make a place for your own you need to come up with some different strategy. One of the effective methods is to present your items in beautiful, creative and unique packaging. As we are talking about eyeliners, mentioning Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes will be a definitive idea.

Eyeliner are an essential beauty product and offered by almost all cosmetic brands. If you are new in business, you are facing a tough competition. Hence, you need a different style, your own individuality and your own branding to start doing business in the market and make some sales. People are very picky about such products as they need to know what they are using.  To attract your customers, you need to come up with a decent yet stylish, elegant yet descriptive packaging. A box with all the information detailed on it is more likely to be selected then the one with just a name or a logo.

Customization options are available for your to choose. You can opt to go with any style or size and have your own artwork/design printed over these custom boxes. Additional options like spot UV, foil, embossing may add a little the cost but will get you a good business for sure.

Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes:

Eyeliners are famous among women’s of all ages. There are various types of eyeliners such as eyeliner pencil, color liquid eyeliner, eyeliner and many more. It doesn’t matter which sort of eyeliner you’ve got got a solution for all of your packaging needs. While selecting your eyeliner boxes, make sure that the packaging actually represents the product within and makes your brand stands out. There are countless eye cosmetic brands out there; your unique packaging will earn your product an outstanding position within the market. Eyeliner boxes are generally shaped in longer rectangles because the eyeliner wands are like pens or sticks. Another kind of eyeliner is created in creamy gel form given in little pots. We offer all shapes and sizes of eyeliner packaging.

Importance of Eyeliner Boxes:

Eyeliner is a vital a part of makeup and helps to achieve a refined look for eyes. It provides a certain lining to the eye and magnifies eyeshadow’s beauty. Each brand prioritizes the packaging because it determines the overall outlook and attracts customers. Every liner pen is delicate and needs secure package along with an unrivaled design. It’s an ancient art of applying black and colorful lines on eyes to reinforce their shape and bring out the wonder in them. Eyeliner boxes are made to support delicate makeup product that can not get replaced by the other item.

Custom printed eyeliner box is a trendy and unique means for the presentation of your eyeshadow products. Custom printed eyeliner box is a stylish and unique way for the presentation of your eyeshadow products. These eyeliner boxes are designed to keep eyeliner safe For instance of pollutant, moisture or heat so, ensure that you have the proper quality product.

Perfect Box Styles for Eyeliner:

Selecting an accurate box style is a vital factor for your product and brand. The issues caused by inappropriate boxes will harm the product and brand image badly. We got all perfect box styles for your eyeliner boxes For instance reverse tuck end, straight tuck end, tuck end auto bottom, seal end, 1-2-3 bottom. These box styles are perfect for cosmetic packaging, as we all have an understanding of a fact that cosmetic products are delicate in nature. A little damage can break an entire container of the eyeliner rendering it useless. That’s why it is very important to select a sturdy box style that will keep your product secure.

Why custom packaging is necessary?

Some people are of the view that getting Custom Boxes may add up to the production/manufacturing budget and hence lower down the profit ratio. But in actual, if we take it to a broader scale, having a unique identity and a creative brand identity is very helpful in building up clientele.

Why Choose Box Giants?

Box Giants is trusted by a wide range of customers of its commitment to provide our clients with best quality. Box Giants is a well-known organization famous because of its extreme novel. The colossal techniques of printing and unlimited customization options for boxes. In conclusion We offer the quickest turnaround time of 10 to 12 business days to print and ship. Delivering it anywhere the globe, and also the remainder of the globe. We offer the lowest charges that won’t be a requirement to ponder upon.

Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes at allows you to design your own Custom Printed Eyeliner Boxes. You have a variety of options in terms of styles, colors, material options, laminations. Additional customization options For instance, embossing/debossing, spot UV, foils. Visit now and get a FREE quote. Start your journey today to get Custom Boxes made for your Eyeliner boxes. Key services of are the following:

  1. Stock Options (C1S/C2S): 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, 24pt.
  2. Sizes: Any custom size depending on your requirements.
  3. Printing: Off-set (CMYK + PMS), Digital, Screen printing.
  4. Finish/Lamination: Gloss, Matte, Aqueous Coating, UV Coating.
  5. Add-ons: Foil (Silver, Gold, Black, Green, Blue), Emboss/Deboss, Spot UV, Die-Cut Windows.

In conclusion, offers FREE shipping all over the world. Our standard turnaround is 10-12 Business days (FREE shipping) while we also offer Rush Services with 6-8 Business days plan (up to 25% expedite applicable). It works very simply, visit our website to request FREE quote or chat with our customer support representative for live assistance.

You can also request FREE die-line/template to layout your design according to your box specifications. Or you can send us your logo or related information to get your box design as we offer FREE design support. You can send us your artwork/design or any related material in any editable format like .pdf, .ai, .cdr, .eps etc in minimum 300dpi resolution. Moreover, Our in-house design team will prepare a digital mock-up of your own box in 2D and 3D view which you can review the mock-up and make any changes as required. Once finalized, we forward job to production.

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