Custom Printed Double Wall With Display Lid

If you are searching for a display box that is stylish and capacious, Custom printed double wall with display lid is the right choice. Double wall with display lid boxes belongs to the family pop up show boxes. Double wall with display lid boxes is an excellent way to display your product. These boxes are specifically designed in a way that can carry multiple products in them. Double wall with display lid offers various promoting opportunities for businesses to extend their sales. These boxes prove to be an efficient approach of doing sensible and quick promoting for your product. One of the best features of double wall with display lid boxes is that these boxes have a large printing area. You can print all your important product data or marketing information on the sidewalls or at the top tuck flap that plays as the display flap once folded. All the retailer has to do is open the top of those boxes then fold back the lid to permit for convenient and quick marketing.


Custom Printed Double Wall With Display Lid:

These custom boxes contain side panels that folded from the central crease and secured at the bottom. It consists of a tray while having one of the sides a bit more extended. The extended edge accountable for all of the attention that it procures. The display flap covers the body of the box also as once it’s doubled, the back to create a display back or header. The top lid of those boxes is rolled back to produce a kind of semi-shaded place for the products displayed openly. They can printed efficiently on both. The side walls as well so providing additional area to their makers for promotion and branding of their several products and name.

Durable Materials and Freedom of Customization:

When producing our excellent custom printed double wall with display lid: , Box Giants utilize highest quality materials as well as finest quality durable cardboard, Kraft and extremely protecting corrugated materials that increase protection for the product. Box Giants guarantees the utilization of a number of the most high-quality materials for the production of our all packaging that processed on very capable high tech equipment to spice up their durability.

We also give the choice to customize styles for your perfect boxes as much as you favor,

  • 1 to 4 colors printing.
  • Spot-UV & Blind UV.
  • Matte & Gloss Lamination.
  • Foiling in 4 different colors.
  • Debossing and Embossing.
  • Cutout Window & PVC Window.
  • Metallic printing.
  • Food Grade Stocks.

Why Choose Box Giants? trusted by a wide range of customers of its commitment to provide our clients the best quality. is a well-known organization famous because of its extreme novel and colossal techniques of printing and unlimited customization options for boxes. We offer the quickest turnaround time of 10 to 12 business days to print and ship, delivering it anywhere the globe, and also the remainder of the globe, we offer the lowest charges that won’t be a requirement to ponder upon.